Ready, steady, wean!
In the blink of an eye your little one is ready for real food, and it’s the start of a whole new learning (and cleaning) curve for you! Whether you’re a batch cooker or a jar buyer, a spoon feeder or a hands-firster, there’s a lot to think about. That’s why Tommee Tippee has a whole range of marvellous cutlery and tableware. We have everything you need to see them through from their first messy mouthfuls to becoming deliciously independent diners!
Grips more food than a spoon!
Weaning is a messy business, especially when they’re learning to feed themselves! That’s when our new Smushee self-feeding spoon can help. There’s no right or wrong way to hold the Smushee and the special slotted design means your baby can simply dunk the spoon in their bowl and the food will grip and stay on so that more makes it into their mouth! The chunky handles are also perfect for little hands.
Keep your cool!
Once they start eyeing up your dinner and stealing your snacks, you know playtime is over and it’s time to wean! To keep those first meals stress-free, our new heat sense soft weaning spoons are cleverly designed to change colour if your baby’s food is too hot. They also feature extra-long handles for easy scooping and feeding, a super soft tip that’s gentle on tender gums.
More on the spoon means more in their mouth!
Weaning is a messy business, especially when they’re learning to feed themselves! That’s why our Easigrip self-feeding spoon is extra wide and deep - it makes scooping easy and keeps food safely in place whilst your baby navigates the tricky journey from bowl to mouth! The chunky handles are perfect for little hands to grab and hold onto.
For little people with big appetites!
When they’re ready to move on from soft baby spoons and want to be more like the grown-ups at the table, the Tommee Tippee big kids first cutlery set is the perfect choice. This stainless-steel knife, fork and spoon set, with bright chunky handles, feels like grown-up cutlery, but is still really easy to hold and control whilst they continue to hone their self-feeding skills.
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